Where has the time gone??

Where has the time gone??

I received a lovely email from a PCJ supporter out of New York this weekend and realized that I hadnt updated this page in forever. A lot..I mean a whole lot has gone on since I posted about the three awards we've won. What I should have mentioned way back last year was that I was able to get Baker and Taylor as a distributor for PCJ. That was beyond important. With a distributor, more companies would be willing to carry my book, as they could now order directly from someone that they probably already did business with. After getting a distributor the holiday season hit and orders picked up. Holiday season in a house of 3 kids is busy enough. Can you imagine adding a book to that? Well all that craziness has paid off because we are now carried by Walmart online and  Barnes and Noble (across the entire country and online). Can you believe it???? I also have (not so secretly if you pay attention to any of the social media sites that I have) been working on a PCJ doll. To me it just seemed like the next logical step for the brand to embark on. That process has literally taken forever!! The doll had to be tweaked and tweaked and tweaked some more, until finally we have what you see. Then the boxes had to be designed. And just when I thought I was done, the factory closed down due to the Chinese New Year for almost a But finally we are close to the finish line and the dolls should hopefully arrive before the summer. Another thing that should arrive before/by the summer is the new book!! Sooooooo excited. Everyone who has the first book always asks when the next one is coming. And so not to disappoint I can now say by June. We are in the process of illustrating it and it looks amazing. I've also been doing a few readings for the Cleveland Public library that have been eye opening and wonderful. Oh and did I mention baby number four should also be making a appearance any day now..tee hee. Yea life is good..:)

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