The struggle...

I read an article that talked about the struggle that women go through to be their true self. Being a mom is the most important thing to ever happen to me, but it's def not the only thing I am. I'm want to be a able to display all the sides of me and not feel like I'm being judged because I am 6 people's mom. Of course, realistically everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion. And like it or not, I and moms like me can post pictures that others may feel are offensive. This pic may or may not be offensive to some. But tbh I could care less. I'm 38, a mom of 6, and if I so choose to run around in a bikini so be it lol. Real talk the twins have left me in the best shape of my life. I mean who knew?? It really makes no sense but I'm owning it nonetheless!